The measure of a man

If a man has been blessed with a family, then God expects him to take care of his family, according to the strength that he has been given.

If his strength is brawn, then he should earn a living according to that strength. If his strength is brains, then likewise.

If he is especially blessed and his strength is both brawn AND brains, then he is fortunate enough to be able to choose one or the other, or a combination thereof.

Unfortunately circumstances can alter the ability of a man. Injury, sickness, or disease can remove an ability a man once had to care for his family.

In this situation, the man must do whatever he can to support his family according to whatever ability he has left. If all he has left is the ability to speak, then he should always speak well. He must put forth what ever effort afforded him to take care of those who take care of him.

The worth of a man’s ability is not according to his physical or mental strength, it is according to the weight of his actions, born from the strength of his heart.

To judge a man according to any other standard, would be tragic.


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About Dan Payne

I'm very thankful that God loved the world so much that He created us to be with Him for eternity. Very happily married with three amazing daughters. Semi-retired computer programmer and DAV (Persian Gulf)

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