Abortion Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

This article contains some interesting medical facts and philosophical pondering. I hope they can be of some use to you as you make your own decision of whether you are pro-choice or pro-life.


*In 1996, investigators at Harvard and Tufts universities, and at the New England Medical Center in Boston, detected fetal cells in mothers’ bodies decades after pregnancy. Furthermore, the fetal cells could infiltrate maternal tissues and differentiate into liver, blood, skin, and other cell types. Originally, it was thought that such fetal cells in the mothers caused many of the autoimmune diseases that afflict women.

But in 2002, Tufts investigators demonstrated that the fetal cells may play a critical role in repairing a mother’s damaged tissue. In one case, a woman suffering from hepatitis, a serious liver disease, stopped her treatment against medical advice. Surprisingly, she recovered. Her own body could not regenerate healthy liver cells, so the investigators were baffled. When they tested a specimen of her liver, though, they discovered it incorporated thousands of male cells still left in her circulation from a pregnancy nearly two decades before her illness. Those leftover fetal cells had generated new liver cells, and thereby saved the mother’s life.

*Pregnancy Reconceived: what keeps a mother’s immune system from treating her baby as foreign tissue? A new theory resolves the paradox.
Article from: Natural History | May 1, 2007 | Mor, Gil | Copyright American Museum of Natural History Dec 2008/Jan 2009


As we all learn in basic biology, a female is actually born with all of the eggs she will ever need to reproduce. The number will not increase. She is born with a specific number.

The following is an excerpt from Women lose 90 percent of ‘eggs’ by 30, published in the Health News section of The Telegraph By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent.

The new research by the University of St Andrews and Edinburgh University is the first to collate the actual decline of the “ovarian reserve” – the potential number of eggs women are born with – from conception to menopause.
It shows that on average women are born with 300,000 potential egg cells but this pool declines at a much faster rate than first thought.

By the age of 30 there is only 12 percent left on average and by the age of 40 just three percent.

When a women dies, all of her dies, including all of the eggs that could have developed into a baby. Even while she is still alive, nearly 90% of her eggs have died by age 30. However, one living egg from the ovarian reserve can be joined at fertilization (or conception) and a zygote (or baby) is formed. A process of life and death begins. No matter how young a fertilized life-form is, it will only get older until it dies. Even if it was conceived last week, it has already begun the dying process.

Our bodies start to wear down from the moment of fertilization. We usually just call it “growing” when the person is a child and “getting old” when the person is over 30. Whatever, it is all part of growing older. Just look at young athletes. Look at the game of tennis for instance. It is stunning to see just how fast a professional tennis player’s body wears down. A tennis player is considered “past their prime” physically if they’re only in their mid-twenties.

Something cannot begin dying unless it was first living.



Baby-10-Weeks-out-of-womb (10 weeks)


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One response to “Abortion Pro-Choice or Pro-Life”

  1. karenzai says :

    Thank you for this helpful post! It’s so important to help people realise what their labels really stand for. There’s a tough battle ahead, but victory will be ours because we have on our side God, and morally and logically consistent arguments. I happened to blog about this today*, feel free to check it out and I hope it’s helpful too!


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