Books on Bible Prophecy are disappearing fast!

Please take note of the following picture:


That is a picture of the Bible Prophecy section in my local LifeWay Christian bookstore. There are several things noticeably absent:

1. The previous section heading of “Bible Prophecy” has been replaced. It now reads, “Current Issues”.

2. Content: Notice the empty spots on the shelves. It appears that when books are purchased, they are not being replaced.

3. Meat: While there are several EXCELLENT resources that actually provide meat for the prophecy student to sink their teeth into, the milk far outweighs the meat.

The section that deals with Bible Prophecy used to indeed be called “Bible Prophecy” and it used to be unashamedly displayed near the front of the store and actually facing the entrance.

This pitifully small section is now located in the back of the store and it faces the back wall. It also used to be called something else: “FUTURE Events”.

A key area that allows new believer’s faith to grow, is the knowledge that the Bible long ago accurately predicted future events, that are beginning to unfold today. Most of these events still lie in the FUTURE although they have already begun to take place.

Notice that the key-word “FUTURE” has been cleverly replaced with the word “Current”.

The Southern Baptist Convention is the parent of LifeWay Christian Resources. The Southern Baptist Convention identifies itself as being evangelical Christian, Premillenial, Pre-trib, and Dispensational.

Wow, if this is all we get from those who identify themselves with us, what are we to expect from those who don’t? (Not much.)

As we continue to fight the good fight, our “resources” are “disappearing” fast.


About Dan Payne

I'm very thankful that God loved the world so much that He created us to be with Him for eternity. Very happily married with three amazing daughters. Semi-retired computer programmer and DAV (Persian Gulf)

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